Moving Forward

I was so upset the other night when I saw the way things were turning, and I was horrified Wednesday morning to see that my nightmare, America's nightmare, had become a reality. It's hard not to feel angry and betrayed to see that so many people fell for Trump's line. They took their economic hardship and looked for someone to blame - people of color, immigrants, women - instead of looking for solutions.

I'm not the armed revolt type, though - I'll leave that to the ones threatening to get out their muskets if Hillary was elected. As much as I want to rage against what feels like the death of the American dream, though, I recognize that I'm in a position of privilege. There are a lot of people out there who will be more directly affected by a Trump presidency and a Republican Congress than I will, and it's my job now to stand with them and help them in any way that I can.

This election has brought out the worst in America, but I don't want to let it bring out the worst in me. Instead of embracing anger and hatred, I'm going to embrace love. I'm going to be as kind as I can be. I'm going to volunteer. I'm going to be there to offer emotional support to vulnerable people that I know and love - the people of color, the religious minorities, the LGBTQ community, the people with disabilities, the victims of sexual assault. And in the next election, I'm going to campaign for the people who represent my values.

I've been out protesting, and I will keep protesting, particularly if Trump follow through on his promises and oversteps constitutional boundaries. The next few years are going to be a long, rough road, but I know that together, through kindness and compassion, we can continue to build a better world.