Let It Snow!

As I write this, Chicago is getting it's first snowfall of the season, and it's coming down pretty good. The flakes are white, wet, and huge - beautiful coming down, but melting very fast on the still relatively warm ground, which means the sidewalks are a bit treacherous. Let's just say that I'm really glad I got these photos when I did, because they wouldn't have been possible even an hour later!

Brian and I went to see Spirited Away, which is back theaters for the 15th anniversary of the release. It's such a gorgeous movie, and the storytelling is truly wonderful - it's the sort of thing that Disney just can't seem to replicate. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend making a point to do so. It seemed like a good excuse to dress up, too (not that we really need a reason).

This outfit was originally designed around a hat that I didn't even wear for the photos - oops. It's a kind of beaded velvet evening hat in a soft peachy pink, and although it's lovely, I just couldn't figure out a way to style my hair to suit it. I'll have to put a photo up on Instagram to solicit advice or something, because while it's very pretty, I've had it for going on 4 years without wearing it outside of the house, and that needs to be rectified.

But anyway, back to the things that I'm actually wearing. I've had each of these pieces (minus the shoes and scarf, which I've featured a lot recently, but they just seem to work with everything and you know how that is, right?) for years now, and they're still great wardrobe workhorses. Despite the neutral colors, there's a real bombshell vibe to it, which isn't something that I feel like I do all that often. 

That said, people do look at you kind of funny when you wear a fur cape on the bus, so be prepared for that. In the words of the great sage Confucius, though, "haters gon' hate."

Cape: Vintage Underground
Sweater: Lost Girl's Vintage
Skirt: Thrifted
Scarf: Chronically Vintage
Shoes, Earrings: Gifted