Urban Decay

I've loved the whole "Teddy Girl" thing for a while now. It's just such a fascinating subculture - British kids in the 1950s, posing in burnt out, rubble filled buildings, wearing clothes inspired by the Victorian era.

Brian and I actually snuck onto a construction site for these photos, so I hope I get bonus points for breaking the law. I'm pretty sure I should have gotten a tetanus shot before setting foot in this area - between the rusty nails and the hobo poop, it's a wonder we didn't catch something while we were there.

That said, it was actually really fun clambering around in an urban wasteland. Everywhere you looked was crumbling brick, twisted rebar, old cross ties from the railroad tracks, graffiti. As nervewracking as it was to be in that space, it was also an amazing place to shoot. 

Pants: Pinup GIrl Clothing
Vest: Thrifted
Shirt: Land's End
Shoes, Sunglasses: ASOS