Style Inspiration: Where The Boys Are

I have this thing with pants. I think I've mentioned it before, and not that long ago at that. They're just so hard to find! When I was younger, and the fashion was for loose, low rise pants, which weren't that hard to find or fit; as a grown ass woman with a grown ass ass who has a preference for high waist pants, though, the pickings are awfully slim. 

Ok, honestly, are most mainstream brands of pants designed for some kind of nonexistant rectangular box woman? I don't think my measurements are that unusual, so why is it so hard to find pants that fit right? I know I'm not alone in this, either. Most of the women I know have the exact same problem.

That said, there are options out there, and my decision to spend a little more on clothes that I really like helped open them up to me.  I looked at a few different sites and ended up ordering a pair of jeans and a pair of cigarette pants from Freddie's of Pinewood. I'm still waiting for them to arrive at my doorstep (seriously, fuck you, customs), but I have so many outfit ideas that I'm incredibly excited to try out.

I know perfectly fitted pants aren't the beginning and end of a menswear look, but I do think they're an important part. Now I just have to add some super awesome ties and suspenders to my wardrobe, and see where it takes me.