Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, everybunny! (Sorry, I can never resist a pun.)
I'm healing pretty well after my bike crash - it's pretty much just bruises at this point. My shoulder is still acting up a little bit, though, and I'm planning on going to the doctor sometime soon to get it x-rayed. I'm worried I've got some cartilage damage, and while there's probably not much they can do, I'd like to know how bad it is in case I have an issue in the future.

 Brian and I took the train out to Indiana to spend Easter with his family. Even though it takes a bit longer than driving, it's a nice way to travel - calm, quick, and cheap, which is always a consideration. And it doesn't hurt that the station is a great place to take some photos.

Ehrmagerd, trains!

Ehrmagerd, trains!

Brian always appreciates an opportunity to get dressed up, and he was feeling particularly dapper on Saturday. I got him this tweed jacket a couple of months ago, and I'm happy that he's getting some wear out of it. I think it strikes the perfect balance of casual and dressy, and is the sort of thing he could wear just about anywhere.

Did anyone else have some fun plans for the holiday? I'm not religious, but any opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry is one that I'll take.

Jacket: Market Supply Co.
Pants: Thrifted
Hat: Goorin Bros.

Sweater: Vintage Underground
Skirt, Shoes: Asos