Spring Sprang Sprung

The schedule for fashion shows can drive you a little bit crazy. Spring collections debut in the fall, and fall collections debut in the spring, constantly putting me in a state of cross seasonal lust. The fall collections are walking the runway right now, and in an effort to keep myself from falling in love with tweeds and sweaters that I won't be able to wear for another six months, I decided to back through all of the spring collections and remind myself of all the things I loved for spring.

Stripes (and stripes, and stripes) Forever

I mean, I love stripes year round, but right now I'm really feeling them. Black and white or in a rainbow of colors, they just feel perfectly fun for the months to come.

Orange Crush

I've never been particularly into the color orange, but maybe repetition has made the heart grow fonder. I'm finding myself yearning for something bright and citrus-y and juicy.

White Knight

A crisp white dress? What says spring like that?

How Does Your Garden Grow

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But rendered in vivid colors and contrasting prints, they really do feel bold and vibrant.

X Marks the Spot

The criss-cross neckline puts all the focus on the shoulder and collarbone, a delicate and lovely detail.

So tell me, what are you excited about for spring? Any particular trends or styles you're eager to partake in?