Viva Chicago!

Everyone and their vintage loving uncle seems to be in Vegas right now, living it up rockabilly style at Viva Las Vegas. It's such a heavily hyped event that I'm both a little wary of it, and a lot envious of all the folks who are actually there. 
So what do you do when all the cool kids are at a party you can't go to? Throw your own!

Ok, well, maybe I didn't throw a party, because that's way too social for me, but I did get dressed up and do my hair and put on bracelets and shit. That counts for something, right?

I traded a couple of items for this patio set at my favorite vintage store in Chicago, Knee Deep Vintage. I really love that he does trade, because selling things yourself can be such a hassle, but most shops give you practically nothing for items that you bring in. 

I've wanted a patio set for quite a while - it's such an iconic look, and they're also incredibly lightweight and comfortable when the weather heats up. I was going to save it until it was properly summer, but spring came on with a vengeance this week, so I figured why not just go with it?

These sunglasses were a bit of a gamble for me. I generally stick with cat eyes, which I think are more flattering to my face shape, but I adore the look of round 20s and 30s style frames on other people. I'm not totally convinced these are successful on me, but I like having them in my repertoire. 

Brian was supposed to help me with photos, but he got tied up doing other things (yes, I suppose doing taxes is slightly more important than helping me take photos for the blog, in the grand scheme of things), so I had another go at taking photos with the timer and tripod. It's so much more time consuming to do it on my own, but definitely something I need to work on. I think these actually came out rather well, although there were quite a few out of focus or poorly framed shots to sort through.

He did find a couple of minutes to take these for me. I think it shows. 

Anyone else suffering from a little bit of VLV envy? 

Patio Set: Knee Deep Vintage
Sunglasses: Asos
Sandals: Modcloth