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This article both fascinated and kind of horrified me. I've never bought anything from the sites specifically mentioned, but I did have a bad experience with a similar site, Chicwish, in which a dress that should have fit me fine was much, much smaller than advertised, and arrived more than a month later than I expected it would. Needless to say, I won't be shopping on such sites again, but it's definitely tempting when the items are pretty (at least in theory), cheap, and ship for free. My advice - buyer beware.

The Forgotten Female Action Stars of the 1910s

How amazing is this! I had no idea about this genre of films, or that there were so many amazing women thriving in the early days of the film industry. Yet another fascinating area of the vintage world to explore.

What Happens When a Die Hard Hillary Supporter Hits the Trail with Trump and Sanders

Alright, here's the straight truth - I'm a Hillary supporter. Everyone is so gung ho for Bernie that I haven't talked much about it, just because I don't usually feel like justifying my politics, but I think she's intelligent, grounded, and the most qualified person for the position. I'll totally vote for Bernie if he gets the nomination because I do support a lot of his policies, but I sincerely hope it's Hillary.
Ok, so now that that's out of the way, I really enjoyed this article. It's so easy to put yourself in a political bubble, but it's great to step outside that and realize that even the people you disagree with can be just as smart as you, and have very similar motivations, even if they end up coming to a different conclusion. It's good to remember that people are just people. (This does not apply to the people who have taken Trump's ascendancy as license to spout off a bunch of racist and misogynist bullshit.)

Birth is Not Performance Art

Confessions of a Radical Doula

I came across these two articles at around the same time, and I'm fascinated by the contrast. One is about a woman who found herself so fed up with the business of giving birth that she became a doula, one who finds herself frustrated by the lack of radicalism in the women she works with. The other is from an OB-GYN who finds the natural birth movement overbearing and obnoxious. 
Having never given birth (and having no plans to do so), I'm not sure where I fall on the spectrum. I think the whole "mommy wars" thing is the kind of craziness caused by having no idea what you're doing, and desperately wanting some kind of certainty. I think what we really need is just less judgement. Both sides need to be open to what women want and need, without trying to force a non-existent "best way" on women it doesn't work for.

Inspirational Advice from a Beautiful Woman


Oh my god. If you don't read anything else, READ THIS. It's every "Advice from Audrey/Marilyn/Whoever" inspirational poster rolled into one hilarious, nonsensical bundle of joy.

Stunning Snapshots of Men's Fashion in the 1930s

And finally, some fantastic photos of dapper looking dudes from the 1930s.