Links to Love

New links to love! I've got gender, I've got fashion, I've got the craziest and coolest looking chairs you've ever seen. Let's jump right in.

Imagine Being Paid to Leave a Party - Because of How You Look
Rain Dove is a woman who models men's, women's, and androgynous clothes. Her look is incredible and very distinctive, but sometimes it can be a double edge sword - some people hire her because of her look, and some people do things like pay her not to attend the after party for a job she worked because they don't want people to know they hired an androgynous or agender model.

These Conceptual Japanese Chairs Are Inspired By Manga
How amazing are these chairs? Designed to mimic the motion lines seen in manga novels, they're incredibly inventive and dynamic. Too bad you can't sit in them.

Meet the Woman Who Invented Cosplay
I've never been to a comic convention, but I love the inventive, highly nerdy nature of cosplay. After all, who doesn't want to dress up as their favorite character. Well meet Myrtle Douglas, nerd extraordinaire and the first person (on record, anyway) to cosplay.

The Good Clothes
Admittedly, I didn't watch The Good Wife, but I love a good article about costuming. It was fascinating to read about all of the thought and planning that went into creating a particular image for the characters on the show. Weirdly enough, now I kind of want to watch it.

The Female Ghostbuster Who Rooted Out Spiritual Fraud For Houdini
I already knew that Houdini sought out fraudulent spiritualists, so I was fascinated to read about a woman who helped him expose those fraudsters, a private detective named Rose Mackenberg. There are still people out there who sucker the credulous by faking communications from deceased loved ones; it's too bad we don't have a Rose around today to take them down.

Olivia de Havilland and the Most Notorious Sibling Rivalry In Hollywood
Am I the only one who kind of assumed Olivia de Havilland was dead? Because she's not. She'll be 100 years old in July, and she's giving interviews about her rivalry with sister Joan Fontaine, the life of a Golden Age Hollywood star, and why she left that life behind for love and for France.

Dirtbag Winston Churchill
And finally, Winston Churchill - hero of WWII and wearer of jammies. Please note that this is intended as humor, as I know some of the other articles that I've posted from The Toast haven't gone over that well.

Soooooo... read any good articles lately?