Rita Hayworth Red

This hair color brought to you by my innate laziness.

I love having dark hair - it's so bold and dramatic, and I always feel like Snow White when I go to the dark side. However, because my natural hair color is fairly light, there's a very obvious line of demarcation as my hair grows out. I feel like brunettes who lighten their hair can pull off the obvious roots look, but when it's a half inch of red, it just looks weird as hell. When I first go dark, it's easy enough to find the motivation to touch up my roots once a month, but sometimes life just gets the better of you.

Fed up with dealing with regrowth, I finally decided to get the whole business bleached out and dyed to match (or at least approximate) my natural color. Considering that I had several months worth of dark box dye on my hair, I think they did a really admirable job stripping out the old color and getting me back to something resembling what I was born with.

We ended up about 2 levels lighter than we were trying to go (my hair lifts surprisingly easy, even with layers of dark box dye on it), and while I quite like my new color, there's something about it that looks kind of unnatural to me. It's that brassy kind of red that you get when you bleach out dark hair, a la Rita Cansino when she got Hayworthed. It's not bad, but it's taking some getting used to.

As you can probably tell, I've gone back to my pincurls too. What can I say? I missed them. 

I think my hair color changes are confusing people at work. Some people straight up don't recognize me, while others aren't sure if I've changed something or not. "I know you've had red hair... but wasn't it black last week?"