Hard to Starboard

Yet another windy day in Chicago!
The weather has been very up and down recently - beautifully warm and sunny one day, chilly and rainy the next. Although Saturday was on the cool side for May, it was perfect pleasant, if a little breezy. 

A striped top and mid-calf skirt have basically become my default uniform for the past couple of months. I'd describe my style right now as "classy pirate," which makes it sound a little cooler than it actually is. But a striped top, below the knee skirt, and pair of flats are basically perfect for any occasion, and comfortable to boot.

I love pin curls, and this day is a good reminder of why. Despite how disordered my hair was, all it took to get it back in shape was a couple of strokes of a hairbrush. I feel like any other kind of curl would have fallen out with this much tousling, instead of bouncing right back. 

What did you guys get up to this weekend?