She Wears Her Wealth Around Her Neck

I've said this before, and knowing me I will probably say it again, but I am not great about accessorizing.

Jewelry is, for me, a total afterthought, so on those rare occasions where I actually do think to pull a necklace or bracelet out of my jewelry box, I'm often frustrated because I can't seem to find just the right thing.

In an effort to remind myself that I both own jewelry and should wear it once in a while, I've been trying to pick up bold, interesting, and eye-catching pieces that I can just throw on any time I'm feeling a little under-dressed. This 50s/60s coin necklace certainly fits the bill, wouldn't you say?

I love Mediterranean style - photos of Italian starlets from the 50s and 60s are always a great source of summer style inspiration, and Dolce and Gabbana consistently create some of my favorite modern fashion every season. I feel like this beautiful piece really taps into that mood, and I've already got several outfits in mind to wear it with.

I honestly love shopping the Chronically Vintage etsy store. Not only does she have a great selection of pieces at really reasonable prices, she's super nice, and I feel good about supporting her business. I also feel like I'm getting some extra bang for my buck, because she usually throws in a fun extra treat as well. This order was no exception. In fact, I think I like the extras that she threw in just as much as I like the piece I paid for!

The clip-on earrings are a more delicate, silver version of the necklace, and the snake (or maybe dragon) bracelet not only fits my rather large wrist perfectly (not always a given with me and bracelets), it's similar to pieces that I'd been eyeballing for a while now. Jessica also included the sweetest card, thanking me for shopping with her again and letting me know how much she appreciates my support. I like to think she's someone that I have a little bit of a relationship with, but I know this is the kind of thoughtful gesture that she would extend to any of her customers. It's the kind of thing that makes you eager to shop with someone again.

Have you ever shopped Chronically Vintage? What are some of your favorite stores on Etsy, and what sets a store apart for you?

Necklace: Chronically Vintage via Etsy
Dress: Asos (old)
Lipstick: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Feels So Grand