Lipstick and Sunglasses

You may have noticed that I've become a bit of a sunglasses freak. I just love them! They're the perfect accessory - functional yet flattering, easy to find in whatever color or style you might want, capable of adding so much mystery and charm to the face. Also, in the summer when it's crazy hot out and you're feeling lazy, all you have to do is swipe on some lipstick and throw on a pair of sunglasses and off you go, looking fabulous. 

Black cat eye sunglasses and red lipstick are a classic, but there are a lot of fun combinations out there to try this summer.

1. Light blue sunglasses and a glossy orange lip.

I love this bold and bright combination! I never used to feel like I could pull off orange lipstick, but I think the blue helps balance it out. Definitely one to pull out of the bag if you're looking for a vivid and cheerful showstopper. 

Sunglasses: forever21
Lips: NYX Mat lipstick in Indie Flick and OCC Lip Tar in Clear

2. Gold glitter sunglasses and a nude lip.

I love these gold cat eye sunglasses, and while they look amazing with a bold red lip, sometimes I want to let them speak for themselves. A matte nude lip still gives plenty of impact without competing with the sunglasses.

Sunglasses: Asos
LIps: Makeup Forever Lipliner in 3c, NYX Mat lipstick in Spirit

3. 20s style round sunglasses and a subtle berry stain.

I lost my first pair of round sunglasses, but I found this cute little pair at forever21 for about $6, so I'm not mourning the loss too hard. Instead of going too literal with a small, drawn on 20s mouth, I thought I'd just reference the idea by doing a subtle berry stain, concentrating the color in the center of my mouth.

Sunglasses: forever21
Lips: Vaseline, Sephora Creme Rouge in Truth or Dare

4. Pale pink sunglasses and a deep purple lip.

This might be my favorite look of the four, to be honest. I love dark lipstick year round, although I don't wear it all that often (mostly because I feel like it looks a little odd when you actually do normal things like open your mouth or smile). But the contrast with the pink sunglasses is so pretty and dramatic that I find it irresistible. 

Sunglasses: Amazon
Lipstick: MAC lipstick in Cypher and Aveda lipstick in Tanzanite 

So what do you guys think? Can you recommend any other lazy beauty tricks to get you through the summer in style?