Links to Love

Welcome back to another addition of Links to Love! I've got quite the roundup, but I'd like to mention that I'm now on Twitter! Follow me at @Zella_Maybe if you're interested in my witty bon mots and thoughts about music, tv, and books, and 140 characters or less.

32 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Audience
I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm not the only one here who would find this advice invaluable! Of course reaching a broader audience is always a goal for a blogger, but I really appreciated that one of her pieces of advice was to know your limitations as a blogger and craft your idea of success around it.

The Invention That Stops Girls Missing School Every Month
I love reading articles like this about people actively finding ways to make the world better, even in small ways. Women and girls in many parts of the world are so constrained by something that I think of as, at worst, a minor annoyance. By giving them a way to go to school without worrying about feeling ashamed about menstruation, they're paving the way for a more educated and powerful generation of women.

My Destructive Dependency On Migraine Drugs
I've never been a migraine sufferer, but I found this article really eye opening. There are a lot of prescription drugs out there that are meant to give their users a better quality of life, but it seems like so often they lead to addiction and even great suffering. Luckily, the author was able to make a clean break and find other ways to manage her pain, but I can't help but think of the people out there dealing with pain and opioid addiction, and feeling like there has to be a better way.

These French Guys Are So Well Dressed It Hurts
On a lighter note, dandies! What's not to love about a sharp dressed man? Or, you know, several. 

Getting It Right: A Field Guide To The Five Tribes Of Modern Male Fashion
And speaking of men's fashion, I loved this five part series about the distinctive male style tribes that Simon Doonan has noticed roaming the streets in recent years. What tribe would you say your man belongs to?

The Shocking Find In A Neanderthal Cave In France 
This just blew me away. I find the origins of humanity really fascinating, and this completely changes what we thought about Neanderthals and possibly other early humans. 

Therapy for a Vampire: A Bloodsucker Swaps His Coffin for a Couch
One of the funniest movies that I've seen in recent years is What We Do In The Shadows, a mockumentary from New Zealand about a group of vampires. I don't know if this upcoming German film can quite live up to that standard, but I've got high hopes from the trailer.

The "Fat Talk" Diet
Summer is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of articles about getting your perfect bikini body. I admit, I'm as susceptible as anyone to the messages that we get about beauty and acceptable bodies, and I feel like I could stand to do a little something like this myself. 

Women Of Color Get Pinup Model Makeovers
And finally, Pinup Girl Clothing and Buzzfeed teamed to up to help push back against the whitewashing of the vintage/pinup community, and predictably, the results are gorgeous.