Rose Red, Snow White

Zella Maybe in a red floral headscarf and straw hat, with red lipstick, turquoise earrings, and a white blouse. 

In the spirit of my last outfit post, I've been trying to come up with looks that are simple and easy to wear for every day, but that still feel stylish and a little bit elevated. 

"No Trespassing"

"No Trespassing"

In this case, a basic white peasant blouse and pair of denim shorts feels special because of the styling - floral print cotton scarf worn under a broad brimmed straw hat, red lips, and a great pair of earrings. 

Well, to be honest, the outfit started with the head styling, and then went backwards from there. But let's pretend that I find ways to "elevate" things instead of just trying to find a way to wear things that feel a little over the top without looking totally crazy, ok? It can be our little secret.

I'm in love with this particular styling trick, and I'm definitely going to pull it out again the next time I'm having a lazy hair day!