8 Things To Know Before Taking A Trip With Your Fashion Blogger Girlfriend (If Your Fashion Blogger Girlfriend Is Me)

I mentioned not too long ago that I've got a vacation coming up - 10 days in beautiful Hong Kong! Well, I'm heading off for my adventure in just a couple of days, and all of my preparation has got me thinking about what it must be like to take a trip with your fashion blogger girlfriend. Well, to take a trip with me, anyway...


1. She will have spent significantly more time planning what she's going to wear than you've spent planning... well, anything, really. She will have made several virtually indistinguishable packing lists revolving around life and death decisions such as what skirt to wear, and which dress will make for the best photo op.

2. She has also spent a good amount of time planning your wardrobe. After all, you'll be in some of the photos too. Maybe.

3. She has definitely Googled "most instagrammable places in ___," "most photogenic places in ___," and "what's the best time to take photos in ___?" She has planned multiple days worth of activities around the search results.

4. She bought a sensible pair of shoes. She also bought a much less sensible, but significantly cuter, pair of shoes shortly afterwards. She will insist on wearing the cute pair at least 50% of the time, even if that means making regular stops because her feet are killing her.

5. Taking photos will be difficult because you know in the back of her head, she will be thinking "is that really blog material?"

6. If she notices that you have extra space in your suitcase, she will realize that there is an extra outfit that she really should bring, just in case. Just in case of what? Don't ask.

7. She will obsessively check the weather report prior to departure, because if it's going to rain, she's definitely going to need another pair of shoes. And a cute umbrella. Actually, she might have to rethink her entire packing plan. 

8. There will be a separate list for lipsticks. She will seriously consider buying at least two new ones because she realizes that she doesn't have the perfect nude, and she could really use a new red.


I've got some amazing guest posts lined up from some of my favorite blog friends, including Porcelina of Porcelina's World, Nicole from The Artyologist, and Tanith of Tanith Rowan Designs. I'll be back live on the blog on the 17th, hopefully with plenty of photos and great stories to tell!