Every Rose Has Its Thorns

I've spent the past few weeks really trying to figure out the direction that I want to go in with my style. I've been doing this thing lately where I stare into my closet, thinking "yeah, I like it... but I'm not excited about it." 

Of course, that happens to me pretty regularly - I'm someone who tends to crave change, and lacking the sudden ability to buy a whole new wardrobe twice a year, a little bit of boredom is inevitable.

I do like this 1950s inspired look, though. I'm kind of obsessed with short sleeve sweaters, and when I found this one on ASOS, with the pretty rose embroidery, I couldn't pass it up. Paired with my favorite vintage wool pants, it felt both relaxed and polished for a chilly weekend.


My makeup was inspired by Lily Collins at the Golden Globes. Her red lips, rosy eye shadow, and bold brows really struck me when I saw the photos, and it seemed like a fun, if fairly subtle, way to change up my everyday look.

I do think I look weirdly depressed here, though. Like my boyfriend died and my dog broke up with me. I think it's a combo of the straight eyebrows and a cold day making my face a little stiff, and not, like, a burning desire to throw myself off a bridge.

Top, Shoes: ASOS
Pants: Thrifted