Heart of Ice

I said in my recent 2017 goals post that I wanted to try and experiment a bit with menswear. I'm not sure if this really counts - a button down shirt and a sweater vest aren't always necessarily menswear, and I am wearing a skirt with them - but I feel like this is a good first stab, given the clothes that I currently own. 

I also enjoy the edge of Gothic severity to this look. I feel kind of a like a strict governess in the late 1800s who might also be a witch who thinks about eating the children when they misbehave, which seems to fit in with my character, actually.

I absolutely love this lipstick - Stone Fox by NYX. It's a weird color, kind of a dark blue gray, but I feel like it really makes my eyes pop. I'm going to talk more about it, and some other products that I've really been digging, a little later this week.

I usually like to have a little more variation to my shots - like, you know, not looking off into the distance in literally every shot - but it's been really, really cold here recently, and I didn't want to stay outside any longer once I got a few usable shots. You know how I was kind of over summer a few months ago? Yeah, wtf was my problem? Please remind me how much I hate winter when I start faffing on about being tired of the heat.

Boots: Modcloth
Skirt: Knee Deep Vintage
Vest, coat: Thrifted