Ghost Story


Once there was a girl who fell in love with a boy.

In a happier tale, they would marry, have children, and grow old together, but this, unfortunately, is not that sort of tale. She fell in love with him, and gave herself to him, and he took what she offered and gave her nothing in return.


When he tired of her, he tried to put her aside, but night after night she would come to his window and wait for him to look down, to see her patiently waiting, and realize that he loved her true. 

After many nights, he began to worry that others would take notice of her behavior. He went to her with smiles and promises, and asked her to meet him in the churchyard late at night. There he killed her, and hung her body from a tree so that others would believe that she had done herself in.


He believed that that would put an end to things, but the next night, as he peered out his window, he saw her there again. He turned to flee the room, but there she was in front of him, pale and cold as moonlight. 

He fell to the floor as his heart seized in fear, and the last thing that he saw as the light fled his eyes was her face, her implacable stare.


They say she wears the ribbon around her neck to hide the marks from the rope she hung from. She waits in the churchyard, and there you can still see her, sometimes. God forbid you be a lying man, though - she may be the last thing that you see.