ASOS Fall Sale Finds

It's been a little while since I've done a shopping post, but I've spent a lot of time online recently, looking for some additions to my cold weather wardrobe. I still find that ASOS is hard to beat, if you have the time to sort through their massive selection in search of those rare needles in the haystack; luckily for you, I've been a little bored (and a little compulsive) lately, so check out my under-$70 finds below.

Floral Midi Dresses

This style of dress is everywhere right now, and versions continued to show up on the Spring 2018 runways. The long sleeve black version would be a great transitional piece as we move through autumn and into winter, while the lighter versions might be ones to save for spring. And red, of course, is the color of the moment.

Influence Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress
Ruffle Midi Dress in Ditsy Print
Vintage Floral Tiered Pleated Midi Dress
Wrap Front Tea Dress in Illustrated Floral
Floral Print Ruffle Tea Dress
Wrap Midi Dress in Red Floral Print

Surprisingly 20s/30s Dresses

ASOS will sometimes surprise me by making dresses that read really deco - as much, or sometimes moreso, than brands that explicitly set out to reproduce the styles of the era. I will say, though, I wish they'd find a different color palette. I swear, 90% of the time they do these styles in some kind of a dusty pink. I'd love to see one of these in a forest green or something.

Mesh Floral Embroidered Godet Sheer Maxi Dress
Cami Paneled Seamed 30s Midi Dress
Lace Paneled Drop Hem Midi Dress
Maxi Dress with Frill Hem and Cold Shoulder

If you liked Dolce and Gabbana from a couple of years ago, you might like...

Ok, I'm being a bit reductive, but these stripes and bold florals wouldn't have looked out of place on their runway two or three years ago (or now, because that's a brand that's found a look and doesn't intend to stray from it). I know not everyone was so hot on Horrockses when I talked about them a while back, but for under $70, it's a pretty great dress. Also loving that rose print off the shoulder dress, and the sultry surprise of the low back on the yellow pinafore dress.

Stripe Midi Prom Dress
Horrockses Gabriella Midi Dress
Bardot Rose Jacquard Floral Midi Dress
Curved Stripe Trumpet Hem Midi Dress
Pinny Lace Stripe Midi Dress

Also, Shoes

I kind of love how fun shoes are right now. I just bought a pair of glitter heels (which I will have to find a way to feature soon, they're so cute), and you can tell from the ones that I've included here that I'm still a little enchanted with sparkle. I also found some great basics for a vintage lover - those black mary janes would be pitch perfect with a 20s look, and who doesn't need a great, sleek pair of oxfords?