Nobody's Sweetheart


I recently did my seasonal closet changeover, packing away the items that I can really only wear for summer - crop tops, tropical prints, and the lightest of my sundresses - and pulling out my velvet, fur, and wool.

Seeing my fall clothes for the first time in months can feel like greeting old friends, and I actually really enjoy purging my closet of the things that I don't want anymore, and gently folding and packing away my summer favorites. It's such a time-consuming and involved process, though, that I usually put it off for a while. I'll get my bins out of storage, then spend a few weeks digging through them for the odd sweater or wool pant, not wanting to commit to my fall wardrobe until I know the thermometer isn't going to bounce back up to 72 degrees again. 

Even if you don't put seasonal clothes in storage, I think it's really helpful to take thorough stock of your wardrobe a couple of times a year. There are usually a handful of pieces that you not only haven't worn, but don't even like anymore, and, if you're anything like me, probably a couple of things that you never realized had so much potential. It's also (to finally get to the point) a pretty damn good excuse to go shopping, because there's always something that you realize you need!
In this particular instance, the hole I found in my wardrobe was in the shape of an every day dress that I could throw on and go, but with a little something extra. I popped over to Knee Deep Vintage, and after a bit of browsing I stumbled across this pretty piece.


Originally I was on the fence about it - I don't usually wear pink, and shoulder pads can be a bit much on me, since I'm already quite broad-shouldered - but once I tried it on I was convinced. It's a practical, knee-length wool dress (and it even has pockets!), but the bold color, the details on the bodice, and the amazing studding stop and make you take a second look. 


A dress with this much going on didn't seem to call for a lot of accessories, so I kept it simple with these low-heeled, burgundy shoes, simple earrings, and a veil that I pressed into service last minute as a scarf. I'm no great shakes when it comes to elaborate hairstyles (I've got a good handle on wet sets, but a successful updo is usually a combination of luck, prayers, and enough hairpins to set off a metal detector from 10 feet away), but I'm pleased with how these bumper bangs turned out. I actually bought a rat rather than just rolling up an old stocking, and I love how much more structure it gives the style.  


I thought that it was going to be a chilly day, and I even planned on incorporating my coat into some of the shots, but I turned out that I didn't need to. In the sunshine, wearing a wool dress and sheer pair of tights, I was surprisingly comfortable. 


Dress: 1940s, Knee Deep Vintage
Shoes: Gift
Veil: Stolen off of one of my hats