2017 Outtakes

Well, you guys, it's been one hell of a year. I must admit, this past month kind of got the best of me - between work and the holidays, all of my blogging plans kind of fell by the wayside. I love doing my annual outtakes post, though, and I wasn't going to let the year end without showing you my derpy faces, timing fails, and out of frame shots! So let's dive in, shall we?

Making Faces


Terrible focus, terrible timing, and terrible lighting. Go home, face, you're drunk.


In my defense, I'd gotten up very early to take this photo and hadn't had any coffee yet. 


I bought this super cute pastry because it matched my top, got permission to take photos outside a cute little cafe... and got several photos that were about this good for my trouble. 


So back in October I took a short trip to Austin. The day that I'd set aside for photos, it was almost 100 degrees out. You know what makes for a good photo? Flattering lighting, a photogenic outfit, good hair and makeup, and a decent background. I'm sure you can guess how many of these I had in this photo. (Zero. The answer is zero.)

Caught in the Act


Can I just remind everyone that I take most of my photos in public places? I was outside of a museum at about noon in the middle of summer when I did this.


So, I love this skirt, and I thought that the best way to show off a really full tulle skirt was to hop up on a railing so that it would cascade beautifully and show off all the layers. However, I didn't account for the fact that a tulle skirt snags really easily, and I only have a 10 second timer on my camera.


This is a lesson that I have to relearn on a regular basis.


So you know how it is when you go out to a bar, and you come home at like 2am and you realize that you are not going to make it all the way home to use the bathroom? And so you duck back behind a dumpster, and you have to kind of lean back against a wall so that you don't pee on your feet? I'm pretty sure that this photo is what that looks like.

Frame of Mind


I feel like someone was trying to get a photo of Bigfoot tromping across the University of Chicago campus.


I mean, this tile is quite pretty.


It seems I wore these earrings quite a lot this summer.


This one, at least, is not my fault. Brian got distracted by a squirrel. 


And, finally, we have what is arguably my worst photo of the year. I have no head and beige undercrackers. Internet, you're welcome.

Well, I always enjoy making a fool of myself, and I hope that you enjoyed watching me do it! I hope that everyone has a safe and lovely New Year, and I'll see you in 2018!