Solid Gold

I've been trying to shoot this dress for over a year now, and I'm so pleased that I finally got around to it! 

I picked up this homemade stunner, which I would guess is from the early to mid-60s, from Victory Mills back in late 2015. It's a gold silk brocade, and while the fabric is luxe and very "look at me," the shape is nice and simple. I'm wearing it with a pair of heels here, but I do think you could pair it with some cute flats for a fun evening out instead of strictly relegating it to special occasions. 

Brian had the day off work, so I roped him into shooting with me. I've been wanting to take advantage of some of the beautiful public spaces in downtown Chicago, but a lot of them don't allow you to set up a tripod. We were on the lookout for some beautiful deco gold and bronze decor, and luckily we found a couple of great places to shoot really quickly.

Normally I try to have a bit more to stay about an outfit shoot, but sometimes pretty for pretty's sake is enough. Well, I hope so, anyway!

Dress: Victory Mills
Shoes: Modcloth (old)
Lipstick: Mac Retro Matte in Feels so Grand