Fly Away

Jumping... for joy! And also to distract you from how aggressively simple this outfit is. Did it work? Are you sufficiently dazzled by my array of jumping, smiling poses that you haven't noticed that this is just a white top and a pair of black pants, the uniform beloved by cater waiters the world over?

Actually, I feel like there's a kind of Audrey Hepburn insouciance to this outfit. I feel like I've been dressing UP - way, way up - lately, and it's refreshing to get back to basics. 

I picked up this top from H&M recently, and I really like it. I've developed a real fondness for weird takes on your standard white button downs (like the trumpet sleeve blouse from last week, or the one with the ruffles on the sleeves from early February) (both of which, come to think of it, were also from H&M) (moral of the story, maybe stop going to H&M so much?), and this one is particularly fun because it's also really easy to wear. 

It's a bit tough to see, but the collar here is really nice - like a normal collar that's been elongated and turned sideways. I'm sure I'll wear this for photos again, and I'll make a point to do a better job capturing that detail, because there's something really elegant about it.

And, as you can see, I'm back to brunette. I can't help it! This is basically the cut and color that I had this time last year, with a couple of minor changes that I think improve the look significantly. I added some bangs, and I'm figuring out how to use pin curls to add more of a wild texture to my hair, rather than using them to create more sculpted curls. Which isn't to say that I'm done with that look - far from it - but this feels really fun and youthful to me at the moment.

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: ASOS
Earrings: Gift
Lipstick: NYX Liquid Matte in Soft Spoken