Who doesn't love couture? Gorgeous, sublimely elegant, beautifully detailed. Not that I could ever afford it - it's a very 1% kind of thing these days - but that doesn't mean that I can't dream!

First up, Ulyana Sergeenko.

I always drool over Ulyana Sergeenko's stunning couture collections. The Russian designer and street style star has a beautifully retro sensibility that comes through loud and clear in her shows. Seriously, Google her - it's well worth your time to see more of her designs and her fabulous outfits.

And then, we've got Dior.

I haven't been too crazy about some of Dior's recent collections. Logos and sheers and visible underwear, and hardly an ounce of the timeless beauty that I expect from the classic house. Well, they've got a new designer, and the magic that's been missing for the past couple of years is back. Just look at the neckline on that black dress - gorgeous!


Schiaparelli is a classic house - Elsa Schiaparelli, the original designer, famously competed with Coco Chanel. Since the house was bought back a few years ago, it's been a little hit or miss, but a few looks in the most recent collection touched on her kooky sensibility and exciting use of color.

And finally, for all your princess fantasy needs, Guo Pei.

Guo Pei is a Chinese designer, probably best known in America for designing Rihanna's stunning, enormous yellow cape for the Met Gala a couple of years ago. Her designs are the kind of over the top, out-of-this-world beautiful gowns. I would love to see an actress wear the blue gown in the center to a blockbuster premiere sometime soon - what a statement!

Do you guys follow the couture shows? Do you have a favorite designer?