Nautical Mile

This outfit was a controversial one in my house. Brian just did not get it - "why would you wear that skirt with that top? And what's with the hat?" I tried to explain to him the difference between a girl cute outfit and a guy cute outfit, but I don't think he believe me until we were walking around and several women commented admiringly on the skirt. 

I almost didn't buy this skirt - I mean, I've already got one tiered tulle skirt, and how many does one person really need? But I'd been stalking it for a while, and when it went from $75 to $30, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'd pick it up.

I was really frustrated trying to get these photos, to the point that I didn't think they were going to be usable. My hair was going flat from the humidity, I wasn't loving my lipstick, and it didn't seem like I was getting particularly good photos of the skirt, which was the thing that I most wanted to show off. It's funny how it works sometimes - a couple of days later I looked at them again, and aside from a few more changes in hairstyle than I would usually countenance in a single post, I was pretty happy with them.

Ladies - have you ever put together an outfit that a man in your life just didn't get? 

Skirt: Asos
Top, hat: H&M
Shoes: Franco Sarto