Let It Snow

Well, long time no see! I've had kind of a time with blogging lately - I usually do around the holidays. I swear, every year I promise myself that I'm going to have some posts queued up and ready to go so that when it gets busy, or too cold outside to do a proper photo shoot, I'll still have something to put up. Well... I guess there's always next year. Or, you know, this year.


Anyway, these photos are from back around Christmas, and I've decided that not only am I now required to record a diva-tastic Christmas album a la Barbra Streisand, I have to use one of these photos for the album cover. I don't make the rules, people, I just follow them.

I've been in need of a long, dark colored wool coat for a while now. I had one that I loved, but it was getting really raggedy - the pockets where blown out, I'd cut the attached belt off at some point in a fit of madness, and I was holding it closed with a safety pin since a couple of the buttons had fallen off. The day after I decided that it was time for a new one, I popped into Knee Deep, and there it was waiting for me! Clearly it was meant to be. I love the cozy fur collar and the wonderfully deep patch pockets, and I've found that it really adds a touch of glamour to even jeans and a sweater.


Of course, this dress doesn't need a lot of help in the glam department. I wore it on the blog for my Valentine's Day post last year, and I've been looking for another opportunity to wear it ever since. It may seem like a small thing, but I really like the subtly sexy glimpse of the sweetheart neckline that you get underneath the coat.


I must admit, one of the reasons that I didn't post these photos before is that I was kind of disappointed by the lack of variety - I had this whole idea in my head of the kind of shoot that I wanted to do, but it just didn't work out that way. That's why it's nice to let some photos sit for a while, though; with some distance, it's easier to see the good things that you got rather than fixating on the image of what you wanted. I think that might be as true in life as in photography, so there's your life lesson for the day too.


Dress, Coat: Knee Deep Vintage