Atomic Bombshell


It's a wig!

I figured I'd just get that out of the way before anything else. This is, sadly, not my hair, which is still red and nowhere near as thick and luscious as this is. I swear, if I could wear it every day, I would!


I ordered it from Necia's Wig Styling on Etsy, and I waited with baited breath for it to arrive. Unfortunately I managed to rumple it up a bit when I first put it on (click here to see the listing), so it's not quite as polished as I might want it to be. I don't really mind the little bit of chaos, though - I think it makes it look a little more like natural hair. That said, if anyone has any tips for coaxing it back into shape (on Necia's advice I tried to very gently comb it, and it's been living in clips and a hairnet to help it keep it's shape), I would love to hear them. 

To get to the nitty gritty details, this wig comes with three sewn in combs (one at the top and one on each side) and a little cinching strap in the back to help keep it in place. Unfortunately for me, two of the combs sit right on top of my ears, making the wig a little uncomfortable after a few hours' wear. Maybe her wigs are just sized to accommodate larger heads - I don't really know. I secured the wig with the comb at the top and the strap, and then I used strong hold hair gel right at my hairline to keep the wig glued down and my baby hairs in place. It was a fairly windy day out, but the wig didn't budge at all.


While the wig is the star of the show here (I mean, how could it not be?), this dress feels like the perfect supporting player. I haven't come across a dress like this before, and it's simply fantastic. The pink and gray insets feel graphic and modern, and I love the way it plays with the vintage meets modern look of the brightly colored, classically styled hair.

I didn't realize until I took it off, turning it inside out in the process, that it's home sewn! I honestly love buying home sewn pieces, I've realized. They're a bit idiosyncratic, and they just have so much character.


Shooting this look was really fun, for the most part. I got a later start than I usually aim for, so there were quite a few people out and about, despite the chilly day. People really seemed to love the hair (except for one guy who literally stopped his car to tell me that I would look better with natural hair - like, did I fucking ask you?), and it was a nice confidence boost to get so many off the cuff compliments. 

Dress: Knee Deep Vintage
Wig: Necia's Wig Styling via Etsy
Shoes: Tahari