Gray Gardens


This is going to be a pretty text-light post - I've got the flu, so while I wanted to get these photos up because I think they're really fun, I don't have a ton of energy to come up with interesting things to say about them.

So, in bullet points:

- I'm surprised by how much I love this suit! I bought it primarily because I loved the top so much, but as a total look it's both subtle and statement making.
- I've decided that hats with attached scarf things are my favorite thing, even though I've only ever found, well, two of them. Exhibit A can be seen here.
- I have a weird love for Brutalist architecture, so it was fun to find a look that felt like it belonged in that setting.


Suit: Purchased from a friend
Hat: Lucky Dry Goods
Shoes: DSW
Gloves: Amazon