I've been feeling really blessed in the wardrobe department lately. I've always been a little obsessed with clothes, and I love being able to present myself to the world as I see myself on the inside - vintage style, but with a modern sensibility. Sometimes my lifestyle means that I just can't dress the way that I would like to for day to day (I'm not wearing a nice vintage dress on a bike), but I haven't biked in the past few months, and it's really been nice to pull my pretty skirts and dresses out of the closet on a day to day basis without worrying that I'm going to ruin them or something.


I'm excited for spring and all that comes with it - being outdoors and active, not having to think so much about what I need before I leave the house just to be comfortable, finally being able to ditch my cumbersome coats - but I am also feeling a little bit wistful for winter. I've been lucky to have been able to pick up some older vintage pieces lately, so the thought of packing them away until fall does make me kind of sad.

That said, I am enjoying the transitional season, and this outfit feels utterly perfect for it. This is one of those older pieces that I mentioned - my friend Carlos, of Knee Deep Vintage, showed it to me at the vintage fair that I went to few weeks back, and I knew there was no way that I was leaving without it! It's a bold piece, but that's one of the things that I love about it. While the built out sleeves and fur cuffs create a striking, dramatic silhouette, the soft, golden ochre color makes it feel a bit more subdued and wearable. I loved this slim, straight skirt with it, even though the color palette made it feel a bit more appropriate to fall than spring. I guess I'll just have to keep it in mind when the weather starts to cool again - the combination is much too pretty not to wear again.


I'm really pleased, and a little surprised, that I managed to get these shots. I forgot to charge my camera battery the night before the shoot, and as soon as I turned my camera on it was already blinking at me about low power. I usually like to be able to take my time, explore different places to shoot, and get a wide variety of shots to choose from, but not this time! I had about 30 minutes of battery life, so I just had to set up a shot and try to get the picture that I wanted as quickly as possible before moving onto the next thing. Luckily, though, I had some nice early morning light and an easy setting to work with, but it was a good reminder to be more prepared.


In other news, I cut my hair! I'd been growing it out for a while, and I hadn't really intended to go this short, but at the last minute I decided that a bob would be a nice change of pace. I'm having to relearn how to style my hair, but I'm excited to experiment and see what sorts of styles I can create. 


Jacket, Hat: Knee Deep Vintage
Skirt: Vintage Underground
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Dethrose Vintage