Pon De Replay: 3 of My Wardrobe Workhorses

As a fashion blogger, it's really easy to justify shopping for new clothes pretty much all of the time. I mean, I already loved clothes (hence the blogging), but now when I see something lovely or interesting or just cheap, I have a tendency to give myself permission to buy it expressly because it's "new material for the blog."
Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm wearing a brand new outfit every week - far from it! There are some pieces that I return to time and time again in different combinations. These versatile pieces are the workhorses of my wardrobe, and really feel like my wardrobe wouldn't be complete without them. And, as bonus, all of them were either inexpensive, or even free!

1. The Black Wool Skirt

black wool skirt.jpg

I've had this skirt for a couple of years now, and I loved it so much that I had to seek out a similar version in linen for the summer months. A simple black skirt is a staple for any wardrobe, and I love that this one is sturdy, practical, and flattering to my shape. It's slimmer and straighter than a circle skirt, with a slightly fluted hem, so it works well with a variety of eras and looks. I sincerely hope that I never have to retire it, because I don't know how I would replace it!

2. The Burgundy Shoes

burgundy shoes.jpg

You guys are probably familiar with these shoes, because I wear them all. the. damn. time. Not only are they insanely comfortable, with a low heel and round toe, the ribbon laces and cutouts provide some visual interest to any outfit. They're getting a little beat up from all the wear (oh no!), so I may have to leave them in the closet for a while until I can get them resoled. Usually I would toss a pair of shoes at that point, but these ones are worth the cost to repair.

3. The Burgundy Scarf

burgundy scarf.jpg

I tend to treat burgundy like a neutral during the colder months (see above, re: The Burgundy Shoes), and this scarf is a great illustration of why. It goes with just about everything in my wardrobe, and it's easy to repurpose it in a variety of ways - worn around my neck, as a headscarf, and even as a belt. I've recently been keeping an eye out for vintage scarves of a similar size and shape in different colors, but I'm not sure I'll ever find one that I could wear as often as this one.

What are the items that your wardrobe wouldn't be the same without? What is it that makes them special, and what would you do if you had to replace them?