April Showers

Spring is finally here, although, to be honest, it hardly feels like it here in Chicago! It actually snowed on Monday, and while we're having some warmer days here and there, it's largely stayed pretty chilly and damp. Of course, I try to view inclement weather as an opportunity to play around with layers and fun accessories, and wet April weather is no exception.

Rain boots

Try as I might, I just can't seem to make tall rain boots work for me. However, there are plenty of ankle boots out there to keep your feet nice and dry.

rain boots 1.jpg

Cougar Kensington Rain Boots
These sleek chelsea boots would pair perfectly with a pair of skinny pants.

rain boots 2.jpg

Bernardo Zoe Rain Boots
Looking to add a little color to your outfit? A pistachio green rain boot is both pretty and on trend for spring.

rain boots 3.jpg

Rosana Leather Block Heeled Boots
If you can't bring yourself to buy a pair of shoes designed with rain in mind (and frankly, I'm with you on that), vinyl booths are both waterproof and stylish when the rain ends.

rain boots 4.jpg

Women's Striped Boots
For a more casual style, these lace up rain shoes, which bear a striking resemblance to high top Converse, would look cute with jeans and sundresses alike.


A lightweight, waterproof layer is the sort of thing that can be invaluable throughout the year.

rain coat 1.jpg

Transparent Water Repellent Rain Coat
There seems to be a bit of a trend for transparent rain gear at the moment, and I love it. The gray piping on this slicker makes it extra striking.

rain coat 2.jpg

Transparent Waterproof Hooded Raincoat
I wouldn't normally recommend a company like AliExpress, but this clear trench coat is cute enough, and cheap enough, that it might be worth the risk.

rain coat 3.jpg

Yellow Water Repellent Rain Slicker
Not into a clear rain coat? Yellow is always a classic choice.

rain coat 4.jpg

Pastel Pink Rain Coat
This pretty pastel pink version seems perfect for spring.


I'm always forgetting my umbrellas at home, so I have quite a collection of cheap ones that I've had to buy when the rain takes me by surprise. Having a pretty one right by the door might help me remember - maybe I'll have to invest in one of these.

umbrella 1.jpg

Rainbow Umbrella
If the rain is getting you down, a pretty rainbow umbrella will certainly brighten up your day.

umbrella 2.jpg

Transparent Bubble Umbrella
Someone loaned me a transparent umbrella recently, and I was amazed by how much I loved it. I've been on the lookout for a nice one ever since.

umbrella 3.jpg

Blue Sky Reverse Folding Umbrella
From the top, this looks like your standard black umbrella; from the inside, though, you're looking at blue skies. As an added bonus, the reverse folding means that you don't have to drench yourself folding it when you get in out of the rain. 

umbrella 4.jpg

Lemon Print Mini Travel Umbrella 
Of course, your umbrella can't keep you dry if you leave it at home. Pick up a compact umbrella in a pretty print or color, like this lemon print umbrella, and keep it in your bag for those days when the clouds seem to come out of nowhere.

What's your essential rain gear?