I know it's a total cliche, but lately I've become a bit obsessed with taking a trip to Paris. I'm well-traveled enough to know that the reality of visiting a place tends to be very different from the fantasy of it, but it just makes my heart flutter to think about visiting Versailles, or drinking coffee by the Seine, or, like, storming the Bastille. Historically I've preferred to visit destinations that are a little off the beaten path, but I guess I'm as susceptible to the "French Girl" mythos as anyone. Also, Paris photos get all the likes on Instagram, and who doesn't want that?

It looks like I won't be traveling internationally again for a while (Brian and I are saving for a house at the moment), so in lieu of jetting off to France, I decided to take advantage of a pretty little piece of Francophile architecture here in Chicago - a replica of a Hector Guimard-designed Metro entrances, gifted to the city in 2001.


I've also been trying to figure out how to wear this beautiful lace floral headpiece from the super talented Tanith Rowan, and I thought its Alphonse Mucha vibes would play well with the Art Nouveau landmark. It ended up being quite the winning combination, I think. While I was inspired by this iconic photograph of a model outside the Louvre Metro Station, I decided to put my own spin on things by leaning into the romanticism of it all, opting for a full-sleeved blouse and tulle skirt instead of chic New Look simplicity.


It was quite a windy day out when I took these photos, and although it created some challenges (namely, the fact that my hair wanted to blow up, around, and all over the flowers), ultimately I think it added a sense of motion and drama to the pictures.


Top: Zara
Skirt: Asos

Shoes: DSW
Lace Floral Headpiece: Tanith Rowan