Dandy Lion


You know what’s absurd? I’ve written and re-written an intro for this post about 5 times now. This is a pretty straightforward look, shot in a straightforward way, but for some reason I keep thinking that I need to tell you all about how I had a different shoot planned and I wasn’t even going to take photos this weekend but then I grabbed my camera on the way out of my house and then MAGIC HAPPENED. All of which is kind of true (I mean, except for the magic bit - these photos are fine, but certainly not the best I’ve ever taken), but is it actually interesting?

Honestly, probably only to me. I’ll just say that even though I wavered and waffled about taking photos, I’m pretty happy that I did it. I find it very easy to make excuses not to take photos, or not to post them when I do, so I’m rather proud of myself pushing through and getting some shots anyway.

Anyway, the clothes! You might remember these pants from a post I did about a year ago, and I was pretty on the fence about keeping them at the time. They’re from Pinup Girl, and the legs are positively elephantine. As far as pants go they are not practical (you know how you have to lift the hem of a long skirt a little bit when you’re going up or down stairs so you don’t trip on it? Yeah, I have to do these same thing with these. That is just bonkers to me), but they are fun, and sometimes that’s really all you need. I’ve been wearing them fairly regularly for the past couple months - they pair well with a simple blouse or t-shirt and a cardigan, which works with the chilly weather we’ve been having lately.

This hair is… well, it’s something. I’ve been playing around with my hair more lately, trying to get away from the standard 1950s-ish look that I usually do, and after watching some tutorials I was like “I’m going to use rollers to set my bangs!” I very rarely use my sponge rollers - the curls they create are tight and frizzy and don’t seem to relax at all when I brush them out - so I’m not sure what I was expecting, but, surprisingly, I’m into this. The outfit has kind of a 40s feel, and the general shape of the hair, if not the exact style, give me kind of a 40s vibe as well, like an ersatz poodle. I don’t think this is a trick that I’ll be pulling out of my bag every day, but it’s a good, quick style hack to be able to do once in a while.

Pants: Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan: Trashy Diva
Blouse: Vintage, Knee Deep
Shoes: Royal Vintage
Bangles, Earrings: Hopscotch and Soda