True Romance


I was recently contacted by the Australian fashion brand, Alannah Hill, about a potential collaboration. I get a lot of emails from brands offering to write a post for me or whatever (as I'm sure most of my blogger friends do as well), and I generally ignore most of those sorts of emails. After doing a bit of Googling, though, I got pretty excited - the clothes were lovely, and definitely in keeping with my aesthetic. 

They asked me to choose a few pieces that I liked so that they could get a sense of my style, and a couple of weeks later I received this lovely dress. I don't often go for lace, just because it's often polyester and scratchy and unpleasantly hot, but this dress is fantastic. The fabric is super soft and silky, and since it's sheer it's nice for the sticky summer weather. The style is sweet, with little puffed sleeves and a high collar, but the red and black color scheme is romantic and a little bit sexy. 

It's been rainy all weekend, so I decided to shoot at Union Station. It's a beautiful, historic building that I pass practically every day, but I've never taken photos there before, and I'm glad that I saved it for a special occasion!


Dress: c/o Alannah Hill
Shoes: Seychelles
Hat: Vintage Underground
Bracelet: Knee Deep Vintage