Parrish Blue


I'd been doing quite a bit of shopping for a while, so this past month I put myself on kind of a shopping diet. Admittedly I did buy a couple of scarves (and an amazing 1930s swimsuit, which was too perfect to resist and which I'm hoping to shoot sometime this summer), but other than that, I think I was pretty good!

The scarf I'm wearing here is one of the new ones. I love the color combination - vibrant blue, yellow, and orange - and I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to create an outfit around it. Although lately my style has been leaning more towards "period" looks, it's still nice to put together something eclectic and modern once in a while. The color strongly reminded me of Maxwell Parrish, an artist of the early 20th century famous for the shade of cobalt blue that he would paint his skies. 

Anyway, it's Memorial Day here in America, and it certainly feels like it! When I took these photos a couple of weeks ago it was quite cool and damp, but it hit 90 degrees yesterday. I swear, sometimes the changes in the weather make my head spin. 


Scarf, Jeans: Knee Deep Vintage
Hat: H&M

Blouse: Zara