In the Garden

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day! Brian and I went out to visit his parents for the weekend, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Brian's mom is pretty low key, so instead of going out for a big brunch or anything like that, we just had breakfast and then did some work in her new garden, which was exactly what she wanted to do.

Of course, a highlight of a weekend spent at his parents' house is definitely getting to hang out with their dog! Zola is the cutest, and now that she's a bit past puppyhood, she's become really sweet and well behaved as well. 

I picked up this dress at H&M shortly before I decided to stop buying new clothes, and while I like it, it's exactly the sort of thing that I'm trying to get away from in terms of my shopping habits. While it's cute, comfortable, and inexpensive, I feel a bit silly for having bought it. After all, it's hardly any different from another H&M dress that I already own, and was purchased entirely on a whim, not to fill a gap in my wardrobe or because it was so lovely that I couldn't leave it behind. 
Of course, that said, it is pretty cute, and I can ride a bike in it. There's always a place in my wardrobe for a dress like that.

Bonus puppy!

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Seychelles
Hair Flower: Me made
Bracelets: Vintage

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Are you ready for the summer?