We Put the Punk in Steampunk


Sometimes it's fun to just get a little bit weird. To grab those items out of your closet that rarely see the light of day because they're not practical, or entirely too costumey, and just play around a bit. After all, what is fashion blogging if not a somewhat public game of dress up? 

I've had this dress for going on 5 years now, and while I hardly ever wear it (I mean, where does one wear a plaid bondage gown?), I love it too much to part with it yet. Over the years I've tried to find ways to dress it down a bit or make it feel more normal (which is, let's face it, not really possible, and also not really the point of owning something like this, frankly), but I decided that I might as well embrace the weird and just enjoy it. 

I've also been looking at a lot of photos from one of my favorite photographers, Tim Walker. His work is stunning and surrealistic in equal measure, and while I have neither the talent nor the money to really create anything resembling his work, it was still fun to try and capture something of his strange and creative spirit. 

Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Hat: Veil, Tanith Rowan; Bowler, found
Blazer: Knee Deep Vintage
Boots: Modcloth
Gloves: Gift