Mechanical Butterfly

When I ordered my pretty little veiled hat from Tanith Rowan a couple of months ago, she mentioned that she was including a little surprise. I would never have guess that my "little surprise" was another showstopper of a hat! 

I'm pretty sure I gasped aloud when it saw it. Not only does it have a veil (and, as I've said, my current goal in life is to swan around dramatically wearing veils), it's velvet of a shade somewhere between violet and navy, with a jaunty white feather to liven it up. It doesn't have a label inside, so I think it must have been a vintage find; perhaps Tanith can clarify in the comments.

I found it rather tough to come up with an outfit to go with it, though. It's so dramatic, and the unusual color proved difficult to match to anything that I had in my closet. Eventually, though, I hit on this combination, which seemed to work with the 1930s meets Shakespeare vibe that I got from the hat. 

This skirt, of course, has made a number of appearances here in the past few months. It's one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe, and I'm actually a little nervous about this summer, when I probably won't be able to work a wool skirt into my outfits as often. Or, like, at all, because who wants to wear wool when it's 70+ degrees out?

The weather has turned really nice recently, and while it's been really pleasant, it poses its own difficulties. I swear, no fewer than 7 people stopped to watch me shoot and tried to chat with me, and as you other bloggers know, that is the absolute worst. An audience doesn't really throw me anymore, but the people that don't really seem to get that I'm in the middle of something and not really up for an extended chat kind of boggle my mind. On top of it, one of them implied that I didn't know what an album was, which was its own special brand of annoying.

But I guess that's kind of part for the course in terms of doing a public photo shoot. Anyway, I'm turning 30 in less than a month! I've got some fun post ideas for April (assuming, of course, that time and the weather are on my side), so hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Hat: Tanith Rowan
Top: Anthropologie (old)
Skirt: Knee Deep Vintage
Shoes: Gifted