A mid-century modern Easter birthday

Easter was yesterday, and so was my birthday. I remember the last time my birthday fell on Easter - I was turning 15 and I was so pissed about the whole thing. I wasn't a party having kind of girl, but I at least wanted my own cake. Instead someone just stuck a candle in the bunny shaped cake we made every year for Easter and called it a day.
My birthday got a bit swallowed again this year, but in a way it was kind of nice. I just turned 27, and non-milestone birthdays just aren't as big of a deal to me as they were even a few years ago. Friday night my boyfriend took me out for dinner and drinks at CH Distillery, where our new roommate works. The food and the cocktails were amazing, and I think I'm going to be spending plenty of time there in the future.
gleaming silver stills
Just look at those big, beautiful stills. 

Saturday I did have a party with some of my closest friends. It was actually kind of a joint endeavor - my boyfriend's roommate was having her birthday party that night as well, so I just kind of rode her coattails. It worked out nicely, since we could be part of the bigger, crazier party if we wanted to, or retreat to Brian's room to just hang out and talk if we wanted to be able to hear each other. Things that I enjoyed included:
1. A Narwal Head
A woman in black with a narwal head mask points
A man wearing a narwal head mask spears a blonde woman in a plaid skirt with a turquoise bolero
A woman in a turquoise bolera and plaid skirt does a Rosie the Riveter pose while wearing a narwal head mask
I do love this skirt from Trashy Diva, which I've mentioned previously. The bolero is a find from Vintage Underground that, according to the label, was made with love by someone named Phylis. 

2. The fact that my friends all have random things in common
two young women with brown, pixie cut hair lie on a bed and look at a book together
One of my friends saw a copy of The Adventures of Asterix that Brian was reading to brush up on his French, and immediately had to plop down and look through it.  She's a polyglot, and French is one of her languages.
a white man in a black hat and jacket and an indian man holding a copy of the graphic novel the deadwardians look into the camera and smile
Another friend was impressed with Brian's collection of graphic novels. He ended up lending him a copy of The Deadwardians, where the vampire elite fight zombie plebs in Edwardian England.

3. Acro-yoga!
a young woman in a yellow shirt lies on the ground holding up a young indian man using her legs
"I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky..."

Sunday was Easter, and I ended up going to two brunch/lunch events. I didn't do a great job at pacing myself, so I ended up almost painfully overstuffed by the end of the day, but sometimes the food is just too good to resist. I made 3 cheese baked eggs for both events, the recipe for which I'll post at a later date.

I wanted to look as much like an Easter egg as possible. Mission accomplished. I love this lilac gingham dress, and paired with a yellow cashmere cardigan and matching pillbox hat, I felt like a walking, talking Peep.
The was, finally, really nice out. Brian and I spent a significant amount of time out of his aunt's deck.
Brian's family is delightfully retro, and that manifests itself in interesting ways. One of them is this jello dish - lime jello with crushed pineapple, cream cheese, and green olives. Strange as it sounds, it was really enjoyable.
This highly doubtful expression is from before I tried it. I promise.
They were even kind enough to get me a cake! It even matched my dress, though no coordination occurred.

Overall, I had a lovely weekend and a wonderful birthday. I'm so glad that I got to spend time with my favorite people, eating, drinking, dancing, and having fun.