Clearing out my lightbox

a blonde woman with half of her face made up and the other half bare
Eyebrows. I can has them.
I've seen some really interesting photos of women with half done faces, which show just how powerful makeup can be. I use a fairly light hand, but you can see how big of a difference it makes here.

a blonde woman in a green skirt, blue sweater, and leopard heels

I noticed recently that when I upload photos from my camera to my computer, if there are a lot of similar shots it automatically converts them into a .gif. I didn't use these pictures for anything because they were so dark, but put together like this it looks like I'm doing some kind dance.

a woman with a blonde beehive hairdo leaning against a wall wearing a short sleeved black sweater and pink and turquoise plaid skirt with large white buttons

I picked this skirt up at the Trashy Diva store in New Orleans, along with a matching crop top that I will definitely be busting out once summer really hits. They're both on sale here.

a woman leans against a fence in the background, while in the foreground a young man makes a funny face into the camera

My boyfriend, Brian, stayed over last night and was amused by my photography process.
"I'm going to photobomb you!"
"It's not really a photobomb if you tell me about it."

Finally, a story in four acts.

"I want a close up, take a photo of me by this picture."

"Aaaahh, I knocked the picture off the wall!"

"Ok, think I got it."

"Success! The picture is safe."