Five Links to Love

1. January Jones, you are a secret DGAF hero Betty Draper does not care what you think of her, and I love that. 
2. Women wear too much makeup because they mistakenly think men like it My kneejerk reaction was that maybe women aren't wearing makeup, too much or otherwise, for other people, but for themselves. And then I actually read it. You should too!
3. Types of curl All the different kind of curls that you can make with various irons. This could be really helpful if, like me, you like reading beauty and hair tutorials, but don't always know what they're talking about.
4. Bill O'Reilly blames Beyonce for everything Bill, Bill, Bill. You are such a confused guy. I get that you're worried about teenagers having sex, but they're not having sex just because Beyonce (who is, in fact, married, and quite famously so) said that sex is fun. Trust me, they've been doing that for a long, long time. The important thing to do, and the thing that actually works, is to educate them about how to keep themselves safe, healthy, and happy while they're doing it.

5. FIG I'm moving on Thursday, and I am so excited to decorate a new house. Ok, so I can't have the gorgeous hardwood floors that this place does, but the clean, open spaces, white and navy color scheme, and dark wood accents are dreamy, but still doable.