Clearing out my lightbox, and some hair frustration

I can't find the tutorial for this take on a victory roll right now, but it's very, very easy to do, and doesn't require any teasing or curling, at least not on my processed hair. Just sweep all of your hair (literally all of it, there's no parting involved) to one side over the top of your head. Starting from the front, make a series of rolls that roll inwards, towards the top of your head. Work your way back, keeping the size and placement of the rolls consistent. Basically, you want it to look like you just have one roll down the side of your head. It actually stays remarkably well too.

All of the work moving really did a number on my arms.

Yesterday I had the song Barbie Girl stuck in my head all day. So weird.

I bought a new swimsuit! I've been searching around quite a bit online, but I've mentioned before that I am really freaking cheap, so spending $100+ on a swimsuit was not going to happen. An instagram user that I follow posted a photo of an amazing leopard print swimsuit that she picked up from H&M for $10, and because a pretty girl can sell me anything, I ran out and bought the same one. It's so damn cute, I can't wait to wear it.

I touched up my roots last night, and figured I'd do a roller set to get some curls today.  My last roller set failed spectacularly, and sadly, so did this one. This time I even gave my hair a hit with the blow dryer when I got up, but the ends were still wet. What the hell, hair? Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong? My hair was mostly dry when I rolled it, so I don't know why after eight hours in bed and a good dose of heat, it was, if anything, wetter than when I went to bed.
This time I had a few extra minutes to try and work with it, though, so I blew it dry and curled the straight parts with a very small barrel curling iron. The final product isn't the 40s style waves that I'd been hoping for, but it's still pretty cute.
Here's the final look, after some midday workplace fiddling. 

I'm seriously thinking about just chopping all of my hair off and going back to a pixie cut. I had very short hair for several years, and while I liked it, I grew it out because I wanted to have more options of how to to wear it. Now, though, it's usually pinned up or back in one way or another, and I'm rarely as happy as I would like to be with it. On the other hand, growing out a pixie cut is a bitch and a half, so if I wasn't happy with it, it would be a long, long time before I'd be back to where I am now. Decisions, decisions, decisions.