My Chronically Vintage Etsy order and a very late (and large) photo update

A while back I ordered a couple of pieces from Chronically Vintage on Etsy, and when they came in last week I was feverishly tearing the package open in anticipation. I ordered two brooches, both very reasonably priced at $15; shipping was about $10, which is more than I would usually be willing to pay, but I know that shipping in Canada isn't cheap.
The items were beautifully packaged in individually wrapped boxes, and she even included a very sweet card thanking me for supporting her shop.
I ordered a gold chrysthanemum brooch and one shaped like a Spanish ship. The detailing on both was exquisite. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, usually just my wooden earrings, and so I was looking for something that I could put on and forget about. Brooches are perfect for that, since they don't touch my skin, and I've actually been eyeing a couple more in her store.
I actually ended up wearing both of them this week. The cardigan + full skirt + brooch formula is clearly working for me right now, because I've done it three days in a row.
InstaFitIt20140528T111457 lemon_lime_2
You can't see the ship pin that well in the second photo, but I thought it added a nice little bit of flair.
Overall, I would recommend her Etsy shop very highly. She has a great selection of pieces at very good prices, and she is an absolute joy to deal with. She also sent a couple of extra surprises, which I will have to showcase at a later date.

Last weekend was really busy for me. Saturday I spent most of the day on my bike, zooming around the city to grab brunch with a friend, hit up the Randolph Street Market, and then meeting up with my guy for drinks, gourmet hot dogs, and poutine fries.
My friend Keeley, who is an utter delight, was pretty happy about this homemade box scooter.
IMG_2032 IMG_2033
I was pretty happy about all the vintage hats. Also, protip - if you're a really pale girl riding a bike and walking in the sunshine all day, put on some damn sunblock. My chest and shoulders are still pink.
They also had this sweet ass Hello Kitty bike. The blue haired woman crouching behind me is another friend that I ran into at the Market, Autumn. I have some photos of her trying on a really unflattering dress, but I don't imagine she wants me to post them.
IMG_20140524_115508_436 IMG_20140524_122929_592
Also loving these vintage tins, typewriters, and luggage. Can I just have everything here?

Sunday, my boyfriend and I headed over to Indiana to visit his family for Memorial Day. They are, honestly, like something out of a fairytale, at least to me. Like, they literally have a three-legged dog named Spot.

It was so idyllic - drinking summer shandies, lounging around in a hammock, and eatting copious amounts of barbeque.
This dress and shoes were my vintage finds from the Market on Saturday. The dress, which is a beautiful toile print, was only $18! I managed to bargain the shoes, which are embossed red leather peep-toed sandals, down to $20 from $25.
After the fire burned down a little bit, Brian and his dad reduced some tree sap from a maple they had tapped in the spring to fresh, homemade maple syrup, which we had on top of our breakfast pancakes.

I would have posted all of this sooner, but I forgot my camera in Indiana. This weekend should be equally packed - I'm going to Maifest tonight to the see Polkaholics, then drinks with friends and an afternoon date with the guy tomorrow, and I'd really like to go see Maleficent on Sunday. I know it's summer because I'm officially going to start running my ass ragged trying to make it out to all of the parties I get invited to.