Vintage short hair inspiration

I've gone through a lot of hair colors in the past several years. I'm a natural redhead, but I cycle through blonde, black, and red hair on a pretty regular basis. I enjoy changing up my look, having that drastic change where I practically don't recognize myself in the mirror for a little while.
My hair's been blonde before, usually platinum, and I really like the color. I have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes (ultimate ginger kid here), so blonde hair means that I don't have to worry about it if I don't feel like wearing mascara or coloring in my brows all the time. Usually, though, when it's blonde it's also very short, which means the damage doesn't have time to accumulate too much before it gets cut again. Trying to grow it out while also bleaching it is starting to feel like an exercise in futility. My hair's got that gummy texture and fragility that means, unfortunately, that despite how gentle I've tried to be with it, the damage is pretty much irrevocable.
I've spent so long growing my hair out that if feels like a shame to cut it, but it's damaged enough that even if I stop bleaching and go dark again, I'm still going to need a fairly major cut. I do love the look and versatility of longer hair, but I'm not so attached to it that chopping it off will be unduly painful.
My pixie from back in the day, after about six-ish months of growing out.
And the bob it grew out into.

So, how short should I go?
I adore Jean Seberg's pixie cut. It's so classic and beautifully androgynous. It might be a nice way to add a little edge to my look, since my style is so extravagantly feminine.
Audrey Hepburn's short cut is a little longer and softer, so it might give me a little more to play with in terms to styles and textures.
Liz's short curls are really cute, and an almost defiantly vintage look. My only concern is that it might veer too close to "grandma" for me to really pull off.
I've already got the Louise Brooks' bitchface down; maybe I need her bob too.
Marion Davies isn't the icon that Louise Brooks is, but I love the waves on this 1920s film star (and William Randolph Hearst's lover). Although I love how striking a pixie cut can be, a bob would give me more options (curly vs. straight) and isn't as difficult to grow out.

So, what do you guys think? Short or shorter? Any other short haired vintage vixens you can recommend to me?