White Hot Summer

It's a good thing weather in Chicago is so crazy. I mean, seriously, what do people in southern California make small talk about? "Well, another really nice day out." "Yep, perfect yet again." "*crickets*"
We've got all kinds of weather to complain about here - how cold it gets in the winter, how much snow is on the ground, that time when there was a snow storm with thunder, how rainy the spring can be, how dry the spring can be, how hot and humid it is in the summer, how annoying it is that it's June and it's still only 50 degrees out. I feel like a hush falls over the city when it's 70 degrees and sunny, with a cool breeze so you don't get all sweaty; it's like we're all holding our breath, waiting for the weather to break so that we have something to bitch about again.
The first day of summer is Sunday, and it seems like it could be a pretty hot one. This year I'm actually looking forward to heading out to the beach. It's funny, because I've never really been much of a beach person - sunburns and sand up my ass crack, what a treat - but for some reason I've found myself thinking a lot about dozing in the sand or going for a swim in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.
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Can you tell that what I really want is a white swimsuit? I've already got my leopard print bikini from H&M, but I might have to track down a cute, white one piece so that I can mix things up.