Hastings Brothers' Furniture

Ok, I just want to take a moment to shill for my boyfriend a little bit. A few months back, he and his brother started a furniture business. They both have a fair bit of experience with woodworking, since their dad does a lot of carpentry and woodworking, as well as a great sense of aesthetics. Brian, my boyfriend, has a distinctly mid-century modern bent, with a hint of deco flair. Andy, his brother, goes more towards the craftsman style, which emphasizes the beauty of the materials.
This walnut coffee table is probably my favorite piece that they've made. 
They're also selling these vintage stock certificates with custom frames made from reclaimed wood. 
This weekend they had a booth at the Randolph Street Market here in Chicago, and although they didn't make any sales, they got a great response from the crowd, and handed out their cards to several people who liked what they saw, and might be interested in commissioning custom pieces.
The Hastings Brothers' El Camino was a bit crowded on the way to the Market Saturday.
This deco inspired lamp is another favorite of mine. I love all of the different woods he used for the piece.
Check out the Hastings Brothers on Facebook for more photos of their pieces, and they should have their Etsy shop up and running in the near future.