Links to Love

I seem to have gotten a rather large influx of new readers with my last post on street harassment, largely due (I believe) to a link from my lovely friend Mallory of Miskatonic Musings. While I'm happy to see that what I wrote resonated with a lot of women, it made me really sad as well - we shouldn't have to go through this on such a regular basis. And I do want to make it clear that I take no issue with a sincere compliment, but what we're talking about is a very different thing, and yes, we can tell the difference. It's not a compliment when a guy licks his lips and stares at your tits when says "nice dress," it's harassment.
Also sad is that fact that as bad as it can feel here in the US, there are places in the world where it's far worse. In India and parts of the Middle East, just to name other places where it's been making the news recently, women experience much higher rates of street harassment, and it's more likely to escalate to physical contact such as groping or assault. A cultural shift that emphasizes women's autonomy and dignity is what is necessary to stop a lot of the issues that women face, from street harassment to sexual assault and domestic violence.
But, hey, all this shit is making me depressed, so let's talk about something else.
1. The Scientifiic Case for Decriminalizing Sex Work
Want to check the spread of HIV and AIDS? Start treating sex workers like human beings.
According to recent data from the World Health Organization, female sex workers are 14 times as likely to have HIV as other women, yet fear of arrest and stigma often prevents them from seeking medical care.
2. I'm Forcing Myself To Wear Beloved Old Clothes I Can't Bear To Donate
I totally get where this girl is coming from. I don't follow the "if you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it" rule because it always seems like when I've done that, the thing I just got rid of becomes cool again and I miss it, but I definitely have items from my early college days that I just cannot get rid of. Mostly old band t-shirts. Sentimental value, y'all.
3. Why Can't We Stop Talking About Bikini Bodies?
If you have a body and a bikini, you have a bikini body. Even Gisele doesn't look like Gisele without a lot of work, so it's about time we stop making women feel like they need to have perfectly toned and supple bodies in order to rock a swimsuit in public.
4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress
The lovely Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments is sending one of the dresses in her fabulous collection around the US (and then on to the rest of the world). If you're interested, post a comment by tomorrow. I'm signed up already, and I can't wait to style this beautiful piece.
5. Weird Al Endures
Weird Al's new album, Mandatory Fun, is #1 on the Billboard Charts. Just soak that up for a moment.