Pinups with Pixies: A borrowed from the boys rockabilly style

This wacky hairstyle is making me excited about my hair again. I know, I know, I was just bitching about how I missed my hair, I want to grow it out, blah blah blah. And I still want to grow it out, but I'm also going to make the most of this short do while it lasts. It's funny how actually doing something with your hair makes it look way better than just washing, air drying, and then sighing because it's all flat and sad looking.
That's why they call me the king of the bop.
Elvis, Elvis! Let me be. Keep that pelvis far from me.
So this isn't quite the tutorial that I promised you last week (finger waves are coming, though! Promise), largely because I was feeling something with more of a rock and roll vibe this weekend. What I settled on can't quite be called a pompadour; it's more like if John Travolta in Grease or David Bowie got caught in a wind tunnel.
David Bowie
It's the first time that I've used my hot rollers since I got my hair cut, so that's pretty exciting. I also really liked the second day hair that I ended up with - it was a little messy and sexy, like the perfect bedhead that you never actually wake up with.
It's... ok, it's a definite look, and it's not going to be for everyone. Personally, though, I really liked the androgynous, glam rock(abilly) vibe, so maybe someone else will too.
Start with hair that has a little texture to it - if it's freshly washed, add a little bit of mousse or dry shampoo. It's hard to get really short hair to stay in rollers, so anything to gives your hair a little more grip can only help.
Separate out the top section of your hair. This can be as long or as wide as you would like, but make sure you can fit a couple of curlers side by side so that the curls can sweep inward, towards the center.
As with longer hair, give each section a quick spritz with hairspray before you put in the roller.
For obvious reasons, you'll want to use the smallest curlers you have. My set only has four in this size, so I ended up using a couple of larger rollers on the longest part of my hair.
Here's the final set.
When I did this the day before, I had one more double row of curlers in. While it did work, the clips didn't really clamp on as well. With long hair, you don't want to overstuff the rollers, or the heat doesn't penetrate as well. That's less of a consideration with short hair.
Once the rollers have cooled (which took about 15 minutes, in my case), go ahead and take them out. Give your hair another shot of hairspray, and consider leaving your hair like this because you kind of look like a Dr. Seuss character.
Decide that no, you'll stick with the original plan, and gently break up and shape the curls until you like what you have.
At this point, my boyfriend decided that I really need a ducktail, so he showed me how to do that. I used a little bit of his Brylcreem to grease up the back and sides of my hair, and then combed both sides to the center and then divided it.
Kind of a fun touch, right?
This is what my end result looked like when I did it the previous day.
Although it's a little out there to wear to work as is, I could see setting it the night before and then sleeping on it to get that messy bedhead that I mentioned before. 
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