These boots are made for walking (and sitting, and posing...)

Have you ever heard the term "stank boot"? It's when you're wearing a clunky pair of boots in the summer to, like, Coachella or whatever, usually with a pair of tiny cut off jean shorts and a fringey suede vest. Your feet get all sweaty and gross, and it takes a couple of showers before the funk is entirely gone.
Kruger, darling, you're fabulous, and having Peter Bishop on your arm never hurts. But wtf is on your feet?
For some reason, even though temps have been consistently reaching up into the 80s, I keep seeing ladies walking around in boots that take the stankiness to the next level. Knee high, dark brown or black leather, sometimes even suede. I DON'T GET IT. I mean, in a couple of weeks I, too, will probably be ready for fall, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to bust out my fuzzy sweaters quite yet.
I realized the other day, though, that I've been wearing my own pair of (totally not stanky, I swear) boots all the damn time, so maybe I need to stop giving other ladies the bitchy side eye. Just maybe.
It's funny, because I've never been the cowboy boots and sundresses kind of girl, but for some reason these boots just feel right with all of the pastels that I've been wearing lately. Part of it is the fact that I just don't have that many comfortable, light colored shoes, so they're sort of the default choice; they also add a little bit of a casual touch to an otherwise dressy outfit, which I like.
The nice thing about these guys is that they're not just light colored, they're very light weight, so my feet don't get too sweaty. All I have to do is remember to wear socks, and stank is averted.
Side note: am I alone is usually skipping socks? I know I should wear them, but I've got pretty big feet, and so those no show footie things always slip off my heel. I wear them when they won't show, but I just can't do visible socks. Not even cute ruffled ankle socks, since they make my legs look short.
My boots are from asos, but I bought them well over a year ago, so they're no longer available. Here are some other options if you want to give the look a try. I feel like I should let you know that putting this list together was absolute torture for me, since I would give my left tit for some new shoes but I can't buy anything right now.
Asos Leather Chelsea Boots
Asos Nude Lace Up Ankle Boots
Sam Edelman Suede Ankle Boot
Miista Cutout Pointy Toed Ankle Boots
Modcloth Rural Ramble Boot

Stank boot is the kind of gross trend that I have wholeheartedly embraced, but there are some that I just do not get. Like mules. I would have to glue my feet into them to keep from walking out of them, but I have been seeing them everywhere. What is the appeal? All of the annoyances of flip-flops, but with none of the actual comfort.